ShapeDays Best Wellness Retreats Europe - Corporate Wellness Program

All inclusive fitness holiday in a beautiful villa in Fuerteventura with maximum 4 guests per week. Includes 5 personal training sessions, 5 massages, private chef, daily sunrise yoga on the beach and 5 fun activities.

If your dream holiday is all about getting a golden tan, having fun, being treated to a daily massage, eating fresh food while attaining your personal fitness goals, then Shapedays is the place for you.

Experience a luxury retreat with a wellness twist to uplift your spirit and unwind. Shapedays is one of the best wellness retreats in Europe, which also provides for corporate team building and corporate wellness in Europe.

Situated around a hundred kilometers off the West Coast of Africa, Fuerteventura is a hidden gem that has a warm temperature year-round and plenty of sunshine to go with the perfect beaches and the distinctive natural beauty. 

Away from the usual hustle of the city and tourists, Shapedays has created a niche just for you to relax. This hidden treasure of an island in the south Atlantic will take your breath away.

Shapedays offers you an active holiday in Fuerteventura in a beautiful modern villa, one of the finest wellness retreats in Europe. The villa is located on the west coast of Fuerteventura which has amazing beaches and scenery. Our in-house chef provides you with delicious, freshly prepared food, using the best local ingredients.

Individual personal training, yoga on the beach, massages, and fun and exciting activities await you. We believe in life balance, and we provide just that with a perfect mix of fun, relaxation, fresh food and personal care.


Relaxing fitness holidays in Fuerteventura

Shapedays offers relaxed fitness retreats in Fuerteventura. Our vision is to provide you with a vacation experience where you can unwind while shaping your body.

Imagine: not only that you recovered from your hectic work life on your vacation and came back full of energy, but you also got in better shape both physically and mentally. No matter what your goals: shaping, muscle gain, increased fitness level or just gentle toning, Shapedays makes this possible whilst having fun. We give you an active holiday full of exciting adventures and relaxation, making it the perfect wellness and fitness retreat in Europe.

At Shapedays, we ensure that the health and fitness lifestyle that you learn and enjoy is something you can take back with you and continue at home and work. 

Come and spend your holidays with us in Fuerteventura - we will take care of you. We will help you achieve all that you could hope during your vacation so you return home relaxed, rejuvenated, revitalized and also with a great tan to go with it!



Yoga, personal training, massages and fun activities

Shapedays believe in having a good time and getting fit. This sums up what should be life’s focus. There should be excitement and adventure, but also relaxation and personal service. 

Our villa, with a maximum of 4 people, ensures that your experience is personal and provides you with the best possible holiday. We aim to provide you with the perfect holiday retreat in Europe.

We provide activities to get you fit, without the rigor of a boot camp, but with the serenity of the beach and sunshine to maintain that balance.

We offer yoga, personal training, massage, and a range of activities for your ideal holiday retreat in Europe that keep you active and inspired in a beautiful environment that allows you to be your best self.

Imagine a unique and carefully tailored fitness holiday experience made just for you. The uniqueness of each person is essential to us; hence, you are cared for as personally as possible.



All-inclusive services

Shapedays offers an all-inclusive service, which means that you get the best of all that we offer. We provide you with everything that we can in our wellness resort based on the stunning island of Fuerteventura in Europe. We have a beautiful villa for you to enjoy luxury at its finest.

Our in-house chef will spoil you with delicious and healthy meals three times a day. We have private patios with sunbeds, where you can relax and maybe read a book and soak up the sunshine. There is even a jacuzzi to enjoy at your leisure. The villa is the perfect place for you to rest and unwind your mind and soul.

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