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Healthy employees are more productive and are happier employees! By investing in employees' wellness, a business can reduce stress, boost the morale of personnel, while minimizing staff turnover and retaining experience. There is reduced absenteeism, and higher productivity. Shapedays provides one of the best corporate wellness programs in Europe.

In today’s modern world, where we are in a fast-paced working environment, with extended hours and heavy workload, there is increased stress and tension in our workplace.  It can lead to a higher level of unproductivity and inefficiency regardless of the effort and time that is expended. We offer a corporate wellness program that serves as an ideal solution in creating a relaxed atmosphere and to detach oneself from the pressure and stress that the corporate world throws at us. 

We provide a fun and rejuvenating experience that combines the best of both worlds. We focus on the health and well-being of our clients through exciting activities and corporate team building that will ensure everyone returning to work is centered and rejuvenated.

At Shapedays corporate wellness program in Europe, we offer a whole host of benefits, from increased staff loyalty to a more positive and optimistic outlook on work and a more dedicated work ethic. We aim at ultimately increasing the level of productivity. 

We believe that this would not just benefit each employee as a much-needed break but would contribute to the success of a business as a whole. 

From learning about the right diet and healthy nutrition to providing tailor-made fitness regimes, our program encourages take-home practices as well as "take to work" practices with an overall healthy-living lifestyle. Through this, we aim to make impactful and positive changes that would boost energy-levels, increase productivity, and positivity in the workplace in the long-run.

Our corporate wellness program enables individuals to deal more effectively with stress at the workplace, and strike a healthy work-life balance. The objective of our retreat is to ensure that each team that takes part has a unique and exciting experience that invigorates them to work better and inspires them to live a healthy lifestyle. 

We incorporate an array of different activities, including training in stress management, physical fitness programs, education in healthy nutrition, and therapeutic body treatments depending on the needs of the group.

We also believe that the participants would see another side to every person in their team and understand each individual better, through these activities. Therefore, they will be able to work more efficiently and effectively as a team, even in stressful environments. 

We also do team building which we can include in the corporate wellness program.

Armed with new health and stress management tools, every team will be better equipped to make choices for a positive lifestyle, improve their emotional wellbeing, physical and psychological health.

Shapedays is the ultimate corporate wellness destination for individuals and teams that are looking at being successful not only at home but also at work. 

We all know that when you care for your employees, they, in turn, make the business or company a healthier, more productive and happier place in which each individual can thrive. In the end reducing stress related sick days, burn outs and improving overall health. This in turn will increase productivity of the company and can help improve profits in the long run.

Our program is suitable for organizations that want their team members to have better health and higher productivity. With our program, businesses become stronger.

Shapedays helps your employees to reach their best in both professional and personal lives to ensure your company has its most important assets (the employees) working at its best.

More and more entrepreneurs are embracing workplace wellness programs. But how to go from theory to practice? We develop effective corporate health and wellness programs for small to large companies.

The Location

Our villa is located in a beautiful, quiet, little Spanish village named "El Roque" on the stunning island of Fuerteventura. From the villa, it is only a 15-minute walk to the long stretching, sandy "Cotillo Beach." Also, the famous blue lagoons lay only a 10-minute drive away. "Cotillo," the picturesque fishing village, which is a 5-minute drive away from the villa, provides everything you need: shopping, various restaurants, and cultural events.

We also have a range of hotels we work with depending on budget and size of group.

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Before setting up the program, it is important to understand the specific requirements of the employees and the company to tailor our health and well-being programs. We look at the objectives and goals of the company and design a unique program specific to the companies individual requirements. We focus on well-being and efficiency at work, with a ten-point strategy to improve psychological and physical health at work.

Our goal is to improve productivity by reducing sick days related to stress or physical problems for example back pain or problems related to repetitive work.

A healthy and happy employee will always be a more productive employee.