Yoga Reiki Healing Retreat | Spiritual Wellbeing | Spain

A Wellness Getaway to Restore, Revive and Rebalance

Welcome to a healing retreat that is an invigorating, replenishing circuit breaker from your reality.

Located in Fuerteventura, Spain, this coastal oasis is curated around you and your wellness needs. We promise you a getaway will help restore your vim & vigour, recharge your batteries, settle your subconscious, and return you home feeling like an entirely new being.

But why take our word for it? Our guests’ experiences speak for themselves:

The retreat was great: the house is beautiful, the training with Ant is exactly tailored to the wishes, the food fresh & healthy and the massages are excellent.

– Nicole Freudiger
Your Shapedays healing retreat allows for plenty of introspection and meditation.
Your stay with us will leave you feeling cleansed, healthy, centred & positively energised.

This is a holistic and deeply nurturing five-day experience for the body, mind and soul. We are committed to caring though:

  • a dedicated team of expert health therapists
  • one-on-one bespoke treatments
  • luxury private accommodation
  • premium organic food
  • the calming coasting oasis setting of Fuerteventura

Interested to find out more? Why not contact me, Ant, direct. I’d love to chat, hear more about your holiday needs, and see how we might tailor something for you.

What can you expect from our holistic programme? 

Ultimately, you can expect a healing holiday that replenishes your physical, emotional and mental energy. As a result, you’ll leave truly uplifted, energised, and metaphorically (as well as physically) lighter. 

A programme bespoke to your wellness needs

Our professional, fully qualified team of therapists is here to provide a combination of reiki, chakra, refloxology, massage, meditation, yoga and spiritual wellbeing. Before you arrive, we spend time understanding your needs and expectations. We respectfully find out where you’re at right now in life. As such, we can then make recommendations on how time with us can best serve you.

Will you opt for a combination of our core fitness programme and healing retreat?

Or do you feel that this bespoke offering on its own is exactly what you need?

The choice is yours. 

Relax in the hot tub during your healing retreat.
Following a one-on-one therapy session, why not relax completely in the hot tub?

What treatments are available? 

We offer a suite of healing and spiritual treatments. Each is carefully designed to restore inner balance and energy, and to decrease stress, nervousness and anxiety. Are you after a particular therapy and cannot see it here? Please contact us. There is every chance one of our highly talented, qualified and caring team members can assist. 

Healing energy through a reiki treatment at Shapedays
Healing your energy through reiki treatment.

Also known as ‘energy healing’, this is a practice originating from Japan. It involves a transfer of universal energy from the therapist’s palms to the client. Reiki works to treat deeply embedded and strained emotional states. As a result, it will leave you feeling calm and centred. Visit the UK Reiki Federation to find out more about this practice and its healing benefits. 

Crystals set out for a chakra treatment
Unblocking chakras is a powerful treatment that helps delivery healing, positive energy.

A Sanskrit word that means ‘disk’ or ‘wheel’, Chakras represent energy centres within the body. Practitioners believe that we perform at our optimum when these chakras are open, or balanced. Therefore by unblocking your chakras, your therapist will help to restore emotional balance. This also works to direct positive and healing energy towards the physical manifestation of this congestion. 

Shapedays healing retreat yoga on the beach
Head to the spectacular beach for private yoga sessions.

Your yogi will guide you through a series of flows, balances, breathing techniques and poses that are designed for you. With a strong emphasis on the purity and power of breathing, you will feel centred, stronger and more fluid. 

Sink into this retreat and lose yourself in complete rest.
Deep rest and meditation on the beach.

This is a truly enlightening, deeply restorative opportunity to be led into meditation, no matter what your level of experience. Observe your feelings without judgement. This practice will train your awareness. It promises to encourage a really healthy perspective towards you and the beautiful life you lead. 

Unwind with a series of professional massages bespoke to your needs.
Our masseuse working her incredible magic. You’ll finish feeling like a new version of yourself!

Our masseuse is trained in many forms of massage. These include lymphatic, sports injury, deep tissue, trigger point, aromatherapy, relaxation and more. Whatever your ailment, preference or need, we will be able to accommodate.

Let our professional masseuse apply healing reflexology on any blocked energy in your system.
The focused work of reflexology.

A particular massage of interest for many clients is reflexology. With its roots in ancient China, reflexology works off the belief that vital energy (known as ‘qi’) flows through us all. Stress can block this energy and result in sickness or even disease. By applying pressure on specific points of the body (hands, ears, feet for example), a reflexologist can release these blockages and restore the natural flow of qi.

Time Out

An important element of any wellness holiday is time out for yourself. Take a book to the patio, sink into the hot tub, stroll along the beach, sleep. Feel free to whatever brings you rest and bliss. This is your healing retreat.

Who benefits most from our Shapedays healing retreat? 

There is such a diversity of reasons and needs that prompt clients to gravitate towards this kind of wellness getaway. These include, for example:

  • Anxiety or an inability to contain and manage stress 
  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Emotional strain 
  • Experiencing grief 
  • Deep trauma 
  • Sluggish immune system 
  • Low energy levels 
  • Perimenopausal or menopausal 
  • Regularly dogged by colds, flus and other ailments 
  • Recovering from an illness or injury 
  • A need to detox pleasurably, not painfully 

If you’re experiencing any of the above, contact us and find out how a Shapedays getaway will help get you back on track.

Where does the healing retreat take place? 

As with the core programme, our private, beautiful coastal villa provides the ultimate sanctuary for these treatments. Therefore, when willing and appropriate, we take sessions outside and draw energy from the spectacular surrounds of Fuerteventura. The incredibly restorative Atlantic Ocean enriches the air with negative ions. This helps not only to accelerate your body’s oxygen absorption, but to also balance your serotonin levels. Indeed, there is no greater calming, regenerating spirit than the ocean’s force. 

Our Shapedays healing retreat is a feast for all the senses, with sublime healthy food.
Ultra healthy, wholesome, bespoke cooking that will leave you satiated, but not heavy.

The healing power of food 

The whole time you are with us, your Shapedays private chef will design the most gloriously fresh and nourishing meals. We truly believe that organic, wholesome foods are the ultimate natural medicine. In fact, many of our health and well-being challenges arise from problems in our gut. The scientific world has at last realised that our stomach is in effect our second brain, and our gut has the power to impact our overall health and well-being. Meals are creative, nutritional and oh-so tantalising. Indeed, your chef’s meals will become an epicurean highlight to the holiday, we can assure you! As a result, you’ll leave radiating the kind of vitality that only comes from cleansed purity within. 

We can’t wait to welcome you and take care of you

Let this be an opportunity to give back to you. Let our team of health and wellbeing therapists nurture, nourish and restore. Whatever weight is on you, it will begin to lift the moment you arrive at our villa. We are humbled and incredibly motivated to help you on your healing journey and long-term wellness. 

Take your first step towards total wellness, and reach out to us today to find out more.

Mother Nature - the ultimate elixir
Immerse yourself in Mother Nature – there is no better elixir.