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Fitness is not a seasonal hobby,
it's a lifestyle.

Shapedays is one of the best wellness retreats in Europe, combining a luxury villa, relaxation, fun activities, massage and freshly prepared food.

Sport and an active lifestyle are essential for the health of your mind and body. To this end we offer personalized training and fitness programs, in the best environment in the world, the outdoors. As a fitness retreat in Europe we offer you many activities for your enjoyment.

Right from the beginning, we will ensure that you are well-taken care of so you can have an amazing holiday experience at the best wellness resort in Europe.

You will be picked up at the airport in Puerto del Rosario in Fuerteventura and taken to our villa. Once you arrive in Fuerteventura, our team at Shapedays will take care of every detail so you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

Providing one of the best yoga retreats in Europe, the day starts with yoga and meditation on the beautiful golden beach of Cotillo, with our yoga teacher Tanya. Yoga helps you to start the day gently and allows you to relax your body and awaken your mind.

Your yoga session is followed by a healthy breakfast, which is prepared fresh just for you by our chef. During the morning, you will have individual personal training with Ant, our trainer and founder of Shapedays. 

Being a fitness retreat in Europe, we ensure that your training is suited to your requirements and afterwards you will enjoy a massage from our masseuse Paula.

Your training and massages are tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Whatever you wish, we will take care of personally.

In the afternoon, we will engage in joint activities, such as snorkeling, surfing, hiking, or cycling depending on weather and group dynamics.

Every day with Shapedays will be exciting and different as the afternoon programs adapt to the needs and wishes of the group. It will keep you on your toes and relax your mind and body.

Since the number of participants is limited to only four people, we can ensure a personal service.

Personal Training

As a leading wellness, fitness and shaping retreat in Europe we personalize the training just for you. You have 5 personal training sessions during your one week stay. Whatever your goals, we tailor the program to suit your needs. Be it building muscle, shaping your body, or improving your fitness, we will design a plan specifically for you.

You have the opportunity to discuss your goals, likes, preferences with your trainer Ant, who will put together a personal training program allowing you to have an effective training whilst enjoying yourself.

Although Shapedays does not offer classic fitness or boot camp-style exercises, you may want to do "classic" fitness exercises during personal training, depending on your goals with your personal trainer. If you want it, we provide it! As a body shaping and fitness retreat in Europe, we have programs that can help you feel great in your mind and body, all in the beautiful setting of the sun and the sea.

Meditation and Yoga on the Beach

Shapedays is one of the best yoga retreats in Europe. At Shapedays we love to start the day with yoga on the beach and we are sure that you will too. That is why you have 5 sunrise yoga sessions included. The beautiful setting and the sound of the waves on the sand is the perfect location to relax the body mind and soul.

Beach yoga with the sound of the waves and the blue of the ocean in the background provide new ways to relax your body, mind, and soul. Shapedays give you space and time to find your rhythm and respect your limits so you can enjoy your goals in peace and tranquility.

Massages and Physiotherapy

During your stay at Shapedays, one of the best wellness retreats in Europe, we will provide you with 5 massages.

The benefits of a massage are many: deep relaxation, better sleep, stimulated circulation, secretion of toxins, improvement of muscle tone and mobility, relief and repair of physical ailments, and the general promotion of physical well-being.

We will pamper you with a soothing and relaxing massage so you can enjoy your holidays even better!


The 5 included activities are our favourite part of the week! Have you ever wanted to lie on a surfboard and surf the waves, or hike to a volcanic crater and enjoy the view from there? Would you like to snorkel in the Atlantic and observe the most diverse kinds of fish, or would you prefer to cycle beside the crystal-clear sea and take a refreshing dip to cool off? 

Whatever your ideas may be, we provide exciting and fun afternoon activities. We help you get outside your comfort zone in a safe and personal way and try out new experiences. 

Without realizing it and with a smile on your face, your fitness will improve significantly - all while you are having the time of your life at our wellness retreat in Europe.

Relaxation at the Beach

A day of relaxation is just as important as indulging in different activities. Testing the waters and trying out exciting new things is exhilarating, but a day to yourself where you get to do just nothing is just as important. On this day, you give your body and mind the peace to recover. 

Relax in the villa jacuzzi, reading a book on a sunbed or exploring the surrounding area, beaches, bars and restaurants of Cotillo; the day is yours. You will enjoy the day without a fixed program. You can take it easy, go off and explore and have fun at your very own wellness resort in Europe.

If you still want to do an organized activity that day, we can help you plan something just as fun as well.