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Greetings From Our Team!

At Shapedays, we provide an unforgettable experience. We are a unique wellness resort in Europe. Our exceptional staff put their heart and soul into giving you the absolute best service that will leave you with amazing memories and ensure that you will join us time and time again at our holiday retreat in Europe.

Our friendly and helpful team of trainers, instructors, therapists, and chefs are there exclusively for you. Our team will re-energize and invigorate you through their expertise and care to help reduce stress.

We are approachable and friendly and are here to make you feel better. If there is anything you would like customized or personalized, we would be more than happy to hear from you to help make the most of your experience.

Our team work professionally to help you feel comfortable and at home as well as at ease with the activities. We are here for you.


Ant is the owner and founder of Shapedays. He lives between Switzerland and Fuerteventura and is a trained personal trainer (Level 3), surf instructor (Level 3), lifeguard, corporate wellness advisor and nutritionist. As a former owner and managing director of a surf school in Fuerteventura and current personal trainer in Switzerland (ANT Personal Training), he has excellent knowledge and experience in various areas of sports.

Despite Ant's active lifestyle in Switzerland, he finds that nothing calms his mind, shapes and relaxes his body, like a productive holiday week in the sun and the sea. Hence, he created Shapedays - the ultimate holiday destination that will keep you fit and healthy and bring a smile to your face. 

In his training, he uses the four-pillar principles: exercise, nutrition, mental strength, and time. Based on these principles, personal training with Ant helps you achieve something that will continue to accompany you at home and throughout your life.


Tanya moved to Fuerteventura in 2015 and now lives her dream there. She exchanged her office job in a bank in Germany for life by the sea and became a surf teacher. Like surfing, yoga is also part of her everyday life: stretching and strengthening the body, finding balance, improving mobility, practicing breathing exercises, and meditating. 

A healthy diet and an open-hearted nature are the cornerstones of her positive attitude towards life. She loves to pass on this positive energy in her yoga classes. During her classes, she takes into consideration the individual needs of the participants. She guides them so that every one of them has the opportunity to rediscover themselves. "It's not how good you are at something; it's how you feel about it!"


Eduardo is a sympathetic, talkative, and friendly cook with Argentine roots. Early in childhood, he discovered his dedication and passion for cooking. Now, in Fuerteventura at home, he loves food as much as surfing. 

Be it a good piece of meat and a beautifully prepared side dish, a vegetarian menu, or even vegan cuisine, his recipes and culinary arts are versatile and leave nothing to be desired. He can make it all, and he does it with a smile!


Paula is a professional beautician and masseuse with over ten years of professional experience. Because of her professionalism and dedication to her clients, her beauty treatments and massages are top-rated in Fuerteventura. 

Paula is warm, kind-hearted, and makes you feel right at home even when you are on a luxury vacation amid the sea.